The Ultimate Fighting Academy (UFA) MMA gym offers kids and junior classes that focuses on developing young minds not only in Martial Arts but builds character, honesty, integrity, discipline and self confidence. Our programs primary self defense discipline is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and includes a focus on boxing, kickboxing and wrestling.


The UFA kids program believes and teaches more than self defense as we incorporate conditioning exercises that build flexibility, agility and coordination. With the emphasis on “teaching” our students learn important life lesson and we accomplish this without them even knowing it! It’s how we teach that kids learn:


Control: Make the right choices.


Teamwork: All training requires teamwork and help from each other which helps build friendships and build self confidence. This also creates an environment of belonging.


Attention: Listening skills are learned and your kids will become better listeners at home, in school and other social settings.


Discipline: Respect for others and learning in a rewarding environment will help kids be prideful in their accomplishment and create a desire to succeed knowing how to listen, focus and follow directions.


Memory: Our program will exercises the brain and you kids will think, process and then implement their instructions.


Fitness: Physically fitness is a vital part of being healthy and our program will not only keep kids fit but our program will translate to other activities and sports whether that’s baseball, running track, football or just riding a bicycle.


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